b'How ISP Works ISP is a Best Practice ISP Key PrinciplesISP is the only online screening program where medical studentsMedical schools across the country are using ISP to offer help toISPs key principles help mitigate medical students concerns about seeking receive feedback, support and encouragement from a campusmedical students and encourage them to connect with mentalmental health services.counselor.health services before crises emerge.Student AnonymityEach medical school receives a customized ISP website where studentsISP is listed in the Suicide Prevention Resource Center Best Practice can anonymously: Registry for Suicide Prevention and the Accreditation Council for GraduateMedical students feel more comfortable admitting their concerns and Outreach Medical Educations Tools and Resources for Physician Well-Being. asking questions without fear of judgement or negative consequences.Take a brief questionnaire for stress, burnout, depression and other mental health concerns Your staff selects key groups of students and invites them to participateSeveral published studies report the success of ISP, including:in ISP by submitting a stress and depression questionnaire. 98% of medical students and residents who completed the questionnairePersonalized Contact with Campus CounselorsReceive a personal response from a campus counselor Instead of computerized feedback, medical students receive a response indicated moderate to high levels of distress, yet only 5% were receiving Exchange messages with the counselor, where they may ask questions andConnection counseling or therapy to their questionnaire from a campus counselor.learn about available services and resourcesOn your customized ISP website, medical students complete theAmong participants in the high-risk group, 48% received referrals for Get feedback and encouragement questionnaire, and within 24-48 hours campus counselors log in and postfurther evaluation and treatment from their campus counselor Connection to Students ExperienceMake an appointment with the institutions counseling services, or receivepersonal feedback and recommendations for next steps, which studentsThe rate of program engagement was high overall, and highest amongCounselors validate the feelings of their students by responding to their a referral may then review. those most distressed, with 32% engaging in online dialogue with aexperience, rather than suggesting diagnoses or emphasizing the need for treatment.campus counselorEngagementI SP was a lifeline. I felt lost in life, unhappy with my status andInteractive Engagementdirection. I felt like a failure professionally and personallyUsing ISPs dialogue feature, students and counselors can exchange messages about mental health resources and service offerings both onMedical students and counselors work together to lessen students I needed help and this program started my journey.and off campus. concerns about seeking services. Medical Student'