b'Bring ISP to Your Medical SchoolMedical Schools license ISP for a three-year program term.The License ProvidesHelp Medical Students Connect Customized ISP website branded for your campusDedicated AFSP staff to support ISP implementationOften medical students in need of counseling and support are reluctant to come forward. Even when they know about available services, shameOngoing technical supportand fear of sanctions may prevent them from seeking help. Counselor training in all program functionsWhether students are struggling with stress, burnout, grief, anxiety, or depression, the Interactive Screening Program (ISP) offers a safeAssistance with data reporting and evaluationand confidential way for medical students to connect to available mental health services before crises emerge. To bring the Interactive Screening Program to your medical school,Interactive contact isp@afsp.org or go to afsp.org/isp.Screening ProgramFor Medical Schools'