34 Children, Teens and Suicide Loss Lack of Concentration and Focus Meet with the school counselor and teacher to come up with an adapted work plan; have a study buddy to help with assignments. Emotions Coming on Without Warning Arrange with teachers to be allowed to leave class if needed; keep a journal or diary to write in when needed; establish a relationship with a school counselor or other school official they can check in with on a daily basis. Peer Rejection and/or Hurtful Comments Discuss ways to handle the comments; get support from friends who understand; find a support group of other teens who have experienced a suicide death (or a general bereavement group, if not available). Outbursts Develop a plan for when strong emotions surface (e.g., take a walk, play a sport); establish routines and boundaries; find support with a mental health professional or support group. How do I find a balance between accommodating their grief and school demands? Help your teen determine what they can and cannot handle, and help them evaluate this on an ongoing basis. Most teens won’t know their limit until they get in over their heads, so give them permission to let things go (e.g., extra school activities) or to ask for a reduced homework load if they have trouble keeping up. Each teen grieves