6 Children, Teens and Suicide Loss person died, home may no longer feel safe. Other familiar places, such as a relative’s or family friend’s house may be a good alternative. Avoid Graphic Details Share information about the death honestly, but without talking at length about the specific method or going into graphic detail. Graphic images may be upsetting and can increase the risk of imitative behavior by vulnerable youth. If the child asks, it is okay to give basic facts, but the focus should be not on how someone killed themselves, but rather on how to cope with feelings of sadness, loss, anger, etc. Some children will want more information than others; let their questions guide your answers. It is tragic he died by hanging. Let’s talk about how his death has affected you and ways for you to handle it. Age-Specific Recommendations Note: Children may be emotionally and cognitively older or younger than their age; please adapt the guidelines and examples below to your child’s maturity level.