b'conversation with their child, and support help seeking. This presentation is also available in Spanish. Available virtually.Its Real: College Students and Mental HealthFor many, college is a time of maturation, transition and growth, but can also come with great emotional challenge. This 17-minute film follows the journey of six students who wrestled with mental health concerns, sought treatment, made their psychological well-being a top priority, and found their own new sense of balance. The film has an accompanying five-minute expert commentary and a facilitators guide to support its use in educational programming. Available virtually.Stronger Communities: LGBTQ Suicide PreventionThese regional chapter-sponsored, one-day conferences raise awareness about LGBTQ suicide risk, share the latest research findings, and explore strategies for LGBTQ suicide prevention in local communities.Living with Bipolar DisorderBipolar disorder affects millions of people in the U.S. This film explores the experience of living with bipolar disorder and its connection to suicide through the stories of three people who received treatment.FY 2021 | Program Priorities 18'